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Rental Items Catalog

Item No./NameImageDescriptionDimensionsPrice
Oktoberfest Sign (2)
click for larger image This colorful wooden sign proudly proclaims "Oktoberfest"! 6' wide x 1 1/2' tall $30
Parrot - Cutout (2)
click for larger image This single-sided parrot is perched amidst a bunch of brightly colored flowers. 8' tall $50
Pilings - (7) 8', (4) 6.5', (1) 4', (4) 3.5' natural wood, (5) 4' gray wood
click for larger image Pilings come with seagulls and fishnet. They are available in the following sizes: each one is 12" in diameter - by 4' 6' and 8' - They will create an instant dock effect! Various $40
Popcorn Wagon/Circus Cart (1)
click for larger image This "authentic" circus cart has spoke wheels and is painted in bright red with yellow trim. A perfect addition to your circus decor. 6' tall x 5 1/2' long-3' wide $125
Rattan King Chair w/ Table - (3) white chair, (1) table, (3) natural chair
click for larger image This natural rattan set of one chair & one table will lend an authentic mood to your event. Beautiful and functional. 5' high chairs $50
Lantern - Decorative (32)
click for larger image Add an authentic touch with these real lanterns. They are great for centerpieces with red and white checked tablecloths! 12 in Tall $10
Barn Panel - Red & White (10)
click for larger image These bright red panels have crisp white trim and are perfect for use with our grand old opry unit. 4' wide x 8' tall $45
Referee - Cutout (1)
click for larger image Sports Figure 7' $50
Lockers - Cutout (1)
click for larger image This scene of a row of lockers will transport your guests into the gym locker room. Perfect for all sports theme events. 8' tall x 8' long $65
Picture Taking Panel - Rustler Scene - 1
click for larger image Your guests will love having their pictures taken behind this freestanding panel. Put your head in the hole and become a cattle rustler about to be hung for his crime! 8' x 4' $70
Tree w/Hanging Moss (4)
click for larger image These 3D trees consist of flat wood sections slotted to fit together. They are painted in different shades of gray and are hung with Spanish moss. 6' tall $55
Seal on Round Platform (1)
click for larger image These gaily painted seals add just the right circus touch. One balances a real ball on his nose! 5' tall $65
Serape - Multicolored Wool (14)
click for larger image Perfect for draping or hanging on one of our Mexican units for a bright touch of color! 2' x 5' $10
Ship Mast 3D (1)
click for larger image You're all set to sail! 5' tall $55
Shiprail w/ Flags and Life Preserver- Large (2) 8' brown, (2) 8' white, (3) 6' white
click for larger image These freestanding white units have a row of brightly colored nautical flags strung from their upper poles, and a red and white life preserver fastened to their sides. A great way to bring a nautical feel to your event! 8' long x 8' high $55

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